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Lora Palanchi is a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and 21 Day Sugar Detox Coach whose main goal is to help people find the confidence to take control of their health and vitality using whole, nutrient dense foods. Through her coaching, she guides people in understanding how certain foods work for or work against the body and has helped her clients understand and overcome digestive issues, mood and energy swings, sugar addiction, skin issues, hormones, infertility and inflammation issues. 

Using detailed evaluation techniques, Lora will work with each individual to form a personalized plan to meet you where you are, and gently coach you to a point of restoring the body with the nutrients it wants. She can also work alongside practitioners and doctors and use nutrition to support the diagnosis.

Her mission is to help you to feel, look, and be your best self-- through in-depth evaluation, nutrition education and guidance, and the development of a personalized plan so you feel confident in your food choices at the grocery store, sleep deeply through the night and have the energy to complete your to-do list each day!

The most scientific nutrition & health program available!

New Patients Receive a Free Consultation!

THIS ---->https://granowellness.chiromatrixbase.com/nutrition/meet-the-nutritionist.html

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I had never been to a chiropractor before, I always was a little afraid. I went last Monday because I was having bad back and hip pain. I wish I had gone years ago. After my first appointment, I was pain free. If you have ever been afraid to go, don't be. The treatment doesn't hurt at all and you will feel the results right away. This doctor does not pressure you to commit to several appointments during a week like some chiropractors I've read reviews about. The doctor is very nice and tells you everything he will be doing. I will continue to use this office if I need to go back.

Ruth I.

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