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David R. Johnson, Licensed Acupuncturist

Hello! My name is David Johnson and and I am a licensed acupuncturist in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Acupuncture and Oriental Herbal Medicine have been nearly lifelong passions of mine. I began learning about acupuncture in 1971 from two college friends from Hong Kong and have enjoyed its benefits ever since then. I received my M.S. in Acupuncture in 2006 and the M.S. in Oriental Medicine in 2008 from Tri-State College of Acupuncture in New York City. Tri-State has been on the forefront of developing effective acupuncture programs specific to pain management and sports medicine long before any other school in the country. Their training has often been imitated but not ever duplicated. I feel that these modalities can surely enhance health and healing of very tough and challenging problems of all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It is a whole-person oriented modality that heals the person on all levels.

I am trained in three main areas of acupuncture: 

First -Acupuncture Physical Medicine for the treatment of both acute and chronic pain issues and conditions.

Second - Kiiko Matsumoto Japanese acupuncture for "Internal medicine" conditions related to gastrointestinal issues such as acid reflux, diverticulitis, leaky gut syndrome; complications due to diabetes, multiple sclerosis, gynecological problems, fertility issues, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, asthma, and breathing related issues, and many more. Acupuncture was and is China's medicine for 5000 years. The acupuncturists treated every type of disease that people presented to them.

Third - Traditional Chinese Medicine also known as "TCM" is a basic and classical knowledge base that acupuncturists throughout America and the world have been trained in.

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I had never been to a chiropractor before, I always was a little afraid. I went last Monday because I was having bad back and hip pain. I wish I had gone years ago. After my first appointment, I was pain free. If you have ever been afraid to go, don't be. The treatment doesn't hurt at all and you will feel the results right away. This doctor does not pressure you to commit to several appointments during a week like some chiropractors I've read reviews about. The doctor is very nice and tells you everything he will be doing. I will continue to use this office if I need to go back.

Ruth I.

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