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What is Chiropractic?

You have undoubtedly heard many different versions over the years on what Chiropractic actually is.

What many people don't know about Chiropractic is that it is a natural, drug-free way to health and wellness and in turn maintaining a healthy, happy life. It is the largest drug-free health profession and the third largest health profession (besides medicine and dentistry).  It is the #1 Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM).  Check out how Consumer Reports rated it the #1 treatment for low back pain by CLICKING HERE.

People may initially visit their Chiropractor for a variety of different reasons. You may hear of children who have conquered ear infections, adults who say Chiropractic can help manage their Arthritis or perhaps pregnant women struggling with back problems advocate Chiropractic. For others, it's sports injuries, back pain, neck pain, headaches/migraines, and Sciatica. For some, it may be stress relief, athletic performance, posture problems and the list goes on and on. Actually, the primary goal of chiropractic is to maintain optimal FUNCTION of your nervous system and musculo-skeletal system.

The truth of the matter is that Chiropractic in many regards is a lifestyle and a commitment to yourself and your body. Many that visit us at Grano Pain Relief & Wellness come in to maintain their energy and vitality for life or even strengthen their immune system. Chiropractic simply put, is the largest natural healing method in the world and is practiced all over the globe.

The history of Chiropractic can be traced back to a Canadian living in Davenport, Iowa in the late 19th century.  In 1895 D.D. Palmer established the field of Chiropractic focusing on the subluxation and interference with the nervous system. Much has changed since that time frame but, the fundamentals remain the same. The art, science and philosophy of Chiropractic stresses the simple premise that when the nervous system is FUNCTIONING at it highest level....then you as a human being are FUNCTIONING at your highest level. It is the Chiropractors' exclusive mission to remove the threats to this functioning posed by vertebral subluxations.subluxwebannimationtry02.gif

By doing this and realigning the various vertebrate along the spine, Chiropractic can ensure a happy, healthy lifestyle. Chiropractic in essence does not treat disease directly, but allows the body to heal itself through the natural processes developed in your body since the beginning of our kind on earth. You see, it is not the band-aid that heals your cut; it's the wisdom of your very own body!

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I had never been to a chiropractor before, I always was a little afraid. I went last Monday because I was having bad back and hip pain. I wish I had gone years ago. After my first appointment, I was pain free. If you have ever been afraid to go, don't be. The treatment doesn't hurt at all and you will feel the results right away. This doctor does not pressure you to commit to several appointments during a week like some chiropractors I've read reviews about. The doctor is very nice and tells you everything he will be doing. I will continue to use this office if I need to go back.

Ruth I.

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